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Solid Wood Bed with Storage for Your Master Bedroom

by megha agarwal 08 Nov 2022

Bedrooms are one of the most private rooms in your home. The design of your bedroom should reflect a design that can lift your spirits. It's not just a relaxing space, but it should also reflect your individuality. The acquisition of a luxurious solid wood bed is a major event.

Other motives, e.g. storage. Clothes, shoes, and bedding pillows...running out of space to keep everything in order? That is the reason why double or single beds with storage are vital. The beds range from beds with hydraulics to beds that have cubbyholes and drawers to storage boxes on the headboard.

A bedroom is among the most significant items of furniture that you can put in your home, and it's likely going to be there for a long duration. Beds that have storage are the norm since the space gets smaller and the demand for more storage expands.

A bed that has storage can be a great way to store the extra sheets for your bed, pillows and winter accessories like quilts and comforters. It's not a good idea to pack all of them into your wardrobes is not a good option since you won't need to open them regularly. In the same way you don't want to keep them in your loft where they'll collect dust and then become useless in an emergency or even damaged.

It's possible to choose a wood bed with storage, or one with an upholstered headboard to create a chic design and to stop the painful stubs of your toes. There are a myriad of options available However, make sure you be sure to do your homework so that you can select a bed that's perfect for you.

Why you should buy a solid Wood Bed with Storage?

  • Versatility

    Beds made from solid wood offer an elegant style and creative excitement that people enjoy. Solid wood pieces are crafted with precision and hand-carved details in addition to subtle details that enhance the overall design of your bedroom. Today's bedrooms' solid wood beds that have storage are great for adding that much-needed warm and textured look to make your room feel more comfortable.

    Sometimes, a bed made of solid wood design can look cold, which makes the space less welcoming. Incorporating a luxurious bed, complements other interiors and enhances the appearance of the space. Additionally, the solid wood bed with storage is available with beautiful warm tones that will contrast beautifully with the modern bedroom design. The solid wood king-sized bed can also be a great addition to your bedroom with flexibility.



  • Environmentally Friendly 

    Solid wood is eco-friendly since it can last for a long period of time without having to be replaced. Thus, the premium solid wood bed that has storage can be used for a long duration. This in turn helps in the protection of wildlife, and it also aids in keeping garbage from going into landfills. This helps you to contribute to preserving the natural environment.


  • High-Quality construction and life-time durability
  • The main benefit of a solid, high-end mattress with storage space is its high-end quality of construction that can stand the years. The presence of nails, glue, and screws is an indication of poor quality. Solid wood beds are constructed using construction methods, like mortise, dowels, and tenon and dovetail joinery . They are unique due to the fact that they're considerably more robust and efficient.

    Another benefit is the longevity of a solid wooden bed that has storage. Because of their durability, they can be passed through generations from generation to generation. They can be recycled to make new pieces. A further benefit of the solid wood bed is that the wood can be sanded, then refinished to make new furniture.

    Types of Storage Beds

    Beds may have storage boxes and hydraulic storage as well as pull-out drawers that can be found on the sides. Certain designs of beds with storage feature drawers positioned to the bed's front. These are great for rooms that are narrow and long or for rooms that do not have enough room to extend them to the sides. The downside of this may include the possibility that your drawers will not be huge.If you choose to purchase a king-sized bed with storage, you'll have plenty of space.

    If you're a singleton who is happy or require a bed for your guest room that is too small to fit an extra bed or a Single bed equipped with storage could be the ideal solution. There are some designs for storage beds that include not only shelves, but hidden storage in and behind the headboard for putting aside your books glasses, prescriptions, spectacles or water, or whatever else you'd like to keep in yours.

    Things to Take into Account When buying luxury Wooden beds

  • The bedroom
  • It's not wise to purchase a bed for your master bedroom and not think about the dimensions of your space. When you've got a smaller bedroom, double beds can be utilized as a King-sized solid wood bed can take up a lot of space. It can make your space appear cramped, and will make it difficult to move around freely.

    It is essential to be aware of the dimensions of your room prior to you purchase an unfinished wood double bed. A solid wood king-size bed with storage can be a good option if your bedroom is able to accommodate it, or the queen size bed in the case of a medium-sized space.


  • Comfort

  • Your comfort should be your top priority, regardless of whether you decide to go with solid wood beds that have storage or not. If your solid wood king-sized mattress isn't comfortable enough, you'll not be able to enjoy the best night's sleep.

  • Size

  • Another important aspect that should be considered prior to buying is the dimensions of the bed. The number of persons in the family needs to be considered prior to making an assessment of how big of a bed will be bought. You should consider buying the solid wood King size bed if you have room in your bedroom since these beds will last for a long time.

  • The design

  • It's among the most crucial decisions you need to make before buying wooden beds. The solid wood bed you buy must reflect your character and the style you prefer. It is also possible to purchase solid wood beds with storage in case you're looking for more space.

    The latest luxury beds are not just about design but also functionality particularly the King size solid wood bed that comes with or without storage.

  • Storage
  • If you've made the decision that you'll need to buy beds that have storage, go for beds with plenty of storage space. Solid wood beds that have storage are available in a variety of options including under and side storage under the bed. If storage isn't a primary need for the purchase of luxurious beds, you could choose to go with minimalist designs.


    Storage beds come in different sizes. Therefore, firstly, determine the space available in your bedroom to make beds, leaving plenty of space to move around and add other accessories such as table tops, study desks as well as cabinets.

    With an array of elegantly and well-designed options, our range of storage beds will ensure that you have plenty of choices when looking for a good storage bed on the internet.

    There are some items that make up the furniture at home that you appreciate and appreciate more than others simply due to their functionality and ease of use. Your bed is a top choice in this regard, as you strive to find the ideal mattress for you and your family members to relax and sleep comfortably. This is the reason the team at EBansal Furniture strives to create an elegant, varied, and comfy set of beds so that you receive the best enjoyment and satisfaction from this bed.

    The bed is the focal point of your room and it is essential to exude some level of elegance and style. We therefore offer an array of options to meet your varied requirements. The beds we provide in the category of storage provide you with numerous storage compartments for your numerous belongings and valuables.

    The online store of EBansal Furniture could be the best option for those looking to buy storage beds online. The design of the storage beds on this site consisting of wood solid beds that have storage gives you plenty of space for storage. modern, luxurious wooden bed design and a classy appearance to give an authentic look to your bed. The solid wood beds that come that have storage are available with four storage boxes, making your home free of clutter.

    The solid wood king-sized bed is equipped with 740 liters of storage, and the queen-sized version has 604 liters. It's simple to maintain since you just need to clean it with a soft, clean cloth in the event of spills, or water. Our experts have created the most luxurious beds in order to ensure they are a relocate comfortable design. That's why they say "It can be with you wherever you travel!"


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