About us


“A certain darkness is needed to see the stars.” – Osho.

Something similar is firmly believed by Mr. Prakash Agarwal, the founder of Bansal handicraft. when he had the abstract concept about starting the company and he initiated it from the scratch level, it was just like the darkness on his path to success. but his resolutions made him to see the stars very soon. Unbelievable, but it is true that the company was started with just one client and only a few staffs. During the initial days, Mr. Agarwal used to handle every little aspect of the business minutely. The incredible part is that he is equally enthusiastic about the whole process even today. Great to see is that the baton has been transferred to the most deserving candidate, his son Mr. Sanjay Agarwal, to carry the legacy on. Being trained under father's prominent leadership, the son is a dynamic and inspiring as well as a visionary personality. In concurrence with maintaining the basic business ethics, he is simply inspiring in terms of his ability to execute new technologies. His motivation and emphasis on youth are said to be the reason behind the influential performance of the company. Ultimately, the company gets the perfect combination of insightful experience through Mr. Agarwal and the youthful energy through his son. The dual partnership is quite obvious to take the business to its utmost height.


Wooden Furniture for home is the spontaneous term that comes into mind when it comes to home furnishing segment. Today, we are among the elite list of most renowned manufacturers of Sheesham wood furniture, and our company can provide the ultimate home décor solutions for every customer. Starting from like bedroom, living room, dining room, office, kitchen, garden, to entryway furniture, you can find everything on our official website. Overall, the legendary duo father and son are happy that they have successfully brought smiles and accomplishment among thousands of their clients.

Apart from that, our R&D cell constantly upgrades their products with new age creativity and we always maintain the EPCH guidelines. You can find VRIKSH logo on our products and website because along with the quality, we always try to save our planet. This is a green initiative taken by the company and people from all the segments of the country can purchase their products without any worry.  


E-Bansal was established with few employees and a single factory in Rajasthan and now we are one of the most trustworthy brands in the nation. With our quality, creativity and effort, we have achieved this position. We always learn something new from our customers when we deliver our products and we also implement the same in our next products to improve our catalogue. We know that delivering the right products on time is very important, but maintaining creativity and quality is the only key which has helped us constantly to achieve that position. We do not claim as superior, but we can trust our employees as creative, and we have a plan to deliver high quality and durable wooden products to foreign countries also. Today, we have more than 100 employees with an additional creative team. We have some of the best artisans who can invent contemporary designs by using new technology. With more than 50 specialized machines and multiple factories, EBansal is ready to satisfy your needs in all possible ways. We know your taste and preferences, you may need to add something new in your home or office décor, and this is a perfect time to contact EBansal for your needs.

We have established our company with a good reputation in the international market, and our speedy delivery and quality control measurements can make you satisfied on your every purchase. Presently, our products are available in India, but we have a plan to expand our business across continents including Belgium, Spain, Australia, New Zealand, UK, France, Colombia and other states. We are proud to announce that EBansal is the only companies, that has received more than 96% repeated orders from their clients. The story is still going on and we know that our products will be placed in every corner of the world in the coming days.  


More than 20% of the rainforests have been destroyed in last 40 years and developing countries are still destroying the greenery from their land to develop their infrastructure. We cannot stop this development, but to save our planet, we can maintain some policies to save the plants. We know that huge amount of timber is used in the furniture industry and we cannot reduce this amount at any cost. But, as a responsible citizen of the world, we can contribute something to save our planet and we can save our trees for our future generation. 


The EPCH certification named VRIKSH is a timber legality assessment and verification standard that identifies the origin of the wood and wooden products which are intended for commercial needs and it ensures that the owners of such wooden products from all levels should maintain the legal origin and policies to transport their products. All our wooden products are assessed by EPCH and /or its authorized certification body. Organizations related to wooden products and timber segments like, forest managers, harvesters, concentration yard, primary and secondary manufacturers of timber products, brokers, important and exporters of timbers can apply for the EPCH “VRIKSH “certifications. After a vivid and strenuous verification and testing process, people get such certifications for their products, and we are one of the proud wooden furniture online manufacturers who have VRIKSH certification.  


This certification has proved that all our wooden products are processed through an eco-friendly managed forests which are responsible for various social, environmental and economic benefits. Customers can purchase our products with complete trust and confidence. EBansal is also accredited by the Global Forest and Trade Network of WWF and Export Promotion Council for Handicrafts, Government of India.  


We believe that our team members or workers are the strongest pillar of our company because we have achieved this reputation by showing creativity, effort and truthfulness. We have given state-of-art working infrastructure to our workers, and we are equally responsible for our workers and vendors. Along with the commitment toward environment, we also provide vocational training to our workers on regular basis. We also ensure that EBansal is committed to use only eco-friendly materials for manufacturing wooden furniture for home, and none of our workers violate this policy implemented by VRIKSH. 

Apart from that, we organize wellness camp in our factory every week and our workers can get free treatment from our in-house doctors. Any of our workers can take treatment by visiting our own clinic situated outside the factory and there is no fee for such medical treatments.

We believe that as a business entity, we need to give something back to our society and this is a primary responsible for every business. With this though, we have established a welfare committee within our organization and they give educational and vocational training to women and children. We are strictly opposed child labor and there is no child labor working in our organization at any level. We do not recruit children in our factories, and we also educate our vendors to maintain the same policy to save our future generation from unwanted humiliation.  






The factory that was set in 2002 is currently located at Sardarshahar. Encompassing a huge land of more than 68k square feet along with a variety of added facilities within the confines of the city, we ensure the convenience is up a notch. We are having three production units established, comprising of 100 high-end types of equipment. This includes CNC (on contract), broad belt sand, and banding devices of the highest frequency. All these technicalities enable us to develop sustainable products of more than 50+containers every month. These facilities integrate with high-end European equipment and technologies, ensuring flawless output, and incredible quality.

As far as quality control is concerned, we conduct a thorough inspection procedure using high-end tools. Despite executing rigorous quality assurance procedures, we are always assured regarding the timely delivery, powered by high-end technicalities and experienced workmanship.

From safety perspectives, we at Sheesham wood Furniture have been uncompromising. Similar is the case of environmental aspects, as well. To ensure zero issues, we make use of the proven quality glue that thoroughly meets the standard set by the European Union. We meet all other certifications of the highest standard, as deemed necessary to ensure maximum quality control.

Coming to the production unit, we manually conduct the process as every little aspect is handcrafted. In fact, even the smallest piece of wood plank is prepared and furnished under the thorough supervision of massively experienced professionals. Powered by huge manpower strength, time management has never been an issue for us, despite following rigorous quality steps. Only strict finishing steps are accomplished; we forward the product for packaging and delivery.

Being thoroughly concerned regarding environmental aspects, we ensure zero leftovers of wood. Similarly, rigorous sanitization steps are followed to maintain the cleanliness of the entire unit. Even for the colouring and designing aspects, we have an explicit quality assurance procedure to be followed. Using the most advanced manufacturing standard and raw materials, we ensure the utmost endurance is maintained.

Throwing more light on colouring, we handle these things meticulously and manually, to ensure the utmost outcome is delivered. All credit goes to our experts having an incredible knack of colours and their chemistry. In fact, we have specialists for each segment, be it about the flooring or roofing. We are equally flexible as far as customized needs are concerned. In short, the perfect combination of technology, knowledge, and experience enables us to deliver the best outcome. Moreover, here we assure that chemicals used with the colour are absolutely safe for humans, pets, as well as the environment.

Coming to shipping, having a global customer base, it is obvious that we are quite resourced on this matter. In fact, despite following rigorous quality checks, we conduct additional QC steps prior to shipping. Our team of adept professionals checks each of the products manually, ensuring that utmost quality standard is maintained.

We maintain the highest packaging standard to ensure the utmost safety. Moreover, we guarantee zero damage to the product during transportation. Post-high-end packaging is followed; each product is shipped through high-end sea freight containers, to be delivered at the targeted destination. Well, not just through the ship, we transport through the air as well following the same procedure.




Wood is the most reliable material for both commercial and residential setup. It ensures the beauty and endurance at the same time. The explicit characteristic of wood needs specialists to be figured out and explored. And, we at Wooden Furniture are enriched with a highly efficient team of professionals carrying massive experience. They are quite reputed as far as the standard of work is concerned. This is the reason that we pay complete credit for the pride we carry.

In the pursuit of maintaining high-end quality, we ensure that the safety aspects are never compromised. Meeting the whole range of safety standards set by the EU, we assure the clients and customers thoroughly. In fact, not just the wood, we maintain a stringent quality standard for every color and craft material used. Moreover, the combination being handled manually through highly qualified experts, quality is quite guaranteed, in concurrence with ensuring safety. We use the highest standard wood, as discussed below.

Sheesham wood furniture for home

Needless is to say that Sheesham is the most demanded wood in India. The good news is that it can be availed in abundance. There is no safety or legal concerns to be worried about. Along with various segments of residential and commercial units, these woods are used for the manufacture of various art and music instruments, as well. As far as the furniture segment is concerned, usage of these woods is at the peak. It’s their endurance, ability to sustain craft, and quality that makes Sheesham favorable over others. Sheesham gives the best resale value for the wooden furniture for home, and it does not rot or warp.


The deliciousness of mango needs no introduction. At the same time, it is qualitatively much ensured as well. All those characteristics a customer would look for, be it about the endurance or beauty, everything can be ensured through mango wood. It is equally excellent in terms of adapting crafts. Moreover, the production rate and availability of these woods are immense. Naturally, thus, there remain no legal issues regarding their usage. Starting from residential to commercial applications, mango wood is used everywhere. Being cost-effective makes it such a favorite among all.


Acacia is known for its incredible beauty. Specifically, the color of the wood is such high-end that one doesn’t feel the need for rigorous polishing for it. At the same time, it is known as one of the toughest woods in the world. Their ability to resist moisture is par excellence. From endurance perspectives as well, no one can doubt Acacia. All these factors make Acacia a favorite among craft experts around the globe. It is one of those wooden varieties, that provides richness, style and luxury to your home interiors.

We guarantee perfection

Wooden Furniture online is a massively reputed house carrying immense experience. Having an envious client and customer-based nationally, as well as internationally, we have been exemplary in wood crafts. These are assured to be delivered in the future as well powered by our high-end equipment, and moreover in-house experts. We are a family of more than 100 wood experts, ensuring the best quality delivered in the least time.

Our product segments

A couple of times every year, we boast our collections in great ‘Indian Fair of Handicrafts and Gifts’ that is taken place in New Delhi. One can witness the class and elegance of our products, as well as their diversity being a part of it. The whole credit goes to our in-house team of experts from the nation, as well as those from the US, UK, and Italy.

Not just the mentioned above fair, we will participate in various fairs conducted globally as well. In fact, there is an incredible memory of commendations we have gathered being part of these fairs. Ultimately, Wooden Furniture has been the trendsetter in this arena and promises to be the one in near future as well. And our company has been doing just this- ensuring home management with supreme quality Sheesham wood furniture at your doorstep.