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Product is Proudly Made in India with Sheesham Wood

Dining Room Collection

Product is Proudly Made in India with Sheesham Wood

Study Tables Collection

Product is Proudly Made in India with Sheesham Wood

Made in Solid Sheesham Wood Treated & Seasoned

That what makes
The Difference.

Coffee Table Collection

Product is Proudly Made in India with Sheesham Wood

Sofa Set Collection

Product is Proudly Made in India with Sheesham Wood

Wardrobes Collection

Product is Proudly Made in India with Sheesham Wood

Dresser Collection

Product is Proudly Made in India with Sheesham Wood

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This is How the Wood is Turned into Furniture You Enjoy !

The premium furniture online store

Furniture is one of the most important elements of your interior space. It adds more character and depth to your interiors.

A piece of furniture weaves all the elements together and completes a premise. Moreover, the furniture that you choose to adorn your space speaks volumes about your lifestyle, preferences and style quotient. It gives a glimpse of your personality, idea of comfort and home design. Therefore, it is essential to give utmost attention to the kind of furniture that you select. One must adorn their space with the kind of furniture that compliments your space and sets the perfect harmony of textures.

eBansal Furniture Store brings to you some of the best and most intricately crafted premium quality solid wood furniture. We are one of the best online furniture stores with an exclusive collection of furniture that is an ideal fit for all abodes. Furniture crafted by our artisans gives a coherent look to your premise and adds more splendour to it.

Aesthetically appealing wooden furniture

Wooden furniture is eternal. It is a timeless beauty. It amplifies the décor of your space and enhances its aesthetics. The sturdiness and classic characteristics of the wooden furniture make them the perfect match for every home.

eBansal Furniture Online Store India is one of the best online furniture stores that strive to introduce a superior assemblage of wooden furniture online at the most competitive price. Our furniture products are sturdy, robust and made from top-notch quality material. They come with the promise of high endurance and longevity.

Our furniture options are available in an array of styles such as classic, Scandinavian, contemporary, modular to mid-century. They are a meticulous fusion of style, grace and durability.

The artistic collection of home furniture online 

  • Bedroom Furniture

    Your bedroom is one of the most prominent parts of your premises. It has a direct impact on your comfort and relaxation. Hence, it is essential to choose the right set of furniture to give your bedroom a spectacular edge. eBansal online Furniture Store has the best in class bedroom furniture. We have the widest range of Beds, bedside tables, wardrobes, drawer chests, dressers and much more. Our bedroom furniture adds more class, sophistication and comfort to your room.
  • Living Room Furniture

    Set the right impression of your visitors and give your abode a smart appearance with the designer made living room furniture from eBansal Furniture online store. Our living room furniture products are crafted with precision and great attention to detail. They enable you to achieve the luxury living look along with great functionality. Our living room furniture such as sofa sets, side tables, TV units, bookshelves, armchairs, console tables, benches etc gives your living room a smart and stylish look and feel. They amplify its beauty and add an enigma to it.
  • Dining room Furniture

    Have a gala time with your loved one and make countless memories while you dine with the matchless dining room furniture from eBansal Furniture Online Store. Our dining room furniture products are the epitome of grace. They are uber-chic, comfortable and classy. They can uplift your space optimally and give it a modern feel.
  • Kid’s room

    Design a perfect room for your little munchkin with the smart and stylish Kids room furniture from eBansal Online Furniture Store. Our kid’s room furniture products are trendy and appealing. They are crafted with precision. They boast exceptional beauty. The creative kid’s room furniture is made from the best quality material to provide the utmost comfort to the kids. The appealing aesthetics of this furniture along with the promise of longevity makes our furniture an ideal match for every abode. Now let your bundle enjoy their space and with the exclusive furniture from eBansal Furniture Store. Our assemblage of kid’s room furniture includes book shelves, study tables, wardrobes, bunk beds, study chairs, bean bags, dressers and much more.
  • Outdoor furniture

    Set the perfect look of our outdoor space with the best outdoor furniture from eBansal Furniture Online Store India. We exert to introduce the in vogue, sturdy and durable solid wood outdoor furniture. Our garden set allows you to cherish your outdoors with the best comfort. The ravishing outdoor furniture gives revamps your outdoors and adds more grandeur to it. It allows you to make the most of your outdoor area and spend time with your loved ones. Our outdoor furniture collection consists of Garden chairs, garden tables, benches and much more. They are the epitome of luxury, ease and style.
  • Shelves and Storage

    Storage essentials are the basic necessities of every premise. Whether it is a commercial space or a dwelling, storage furniture is an integral part of the interiors. They add more utility and affluence to your room. It is essential to adorn your premise with the right set of storage furniture to maintain its looks and set the symphony of textures. eBansal Furniture Online Store India have the most thoughtful storage furniture and shelves. Our storage furniture, bookshelves drawer chests, kitchen cabinets and shoe racks are perfectly sized to equip all your daily rudiments in a systematic way. They are compact, modular and sleek. They balance your décor and enhance its appeal too.
  • Study Table

    A comfortable work setting can have a considerable impact on your productivity and health too. A wrong choice of furniture can not only cause you discomfort but can also affect your posture too. Hence, one must carefully select study tables, office furniture and workstations. eBansal Furniture Store has a superior assortment of study tables. Our study tables, work desks, work from desks, office desks and study chairs are compact and a great space saver. They can fit into any tiny space without acquiring much space.

The benefits of buying furniture online at eBansal Furniture

This is the digital era where everything is available right at your fingertips. You can get everything just with a single click.

eBansal Online Furniture Store is one of the best online furniture stores that believe in the power of technology and the role it can play in smoothening the furniture buying process. Hence, we introduce some of the best and most thoughtful range of furniture online. We are one of its kinds of an online furniture shops in India with more than 1000 furniture styles. Our furniture is a fusion of modern furniture art and excellent craftsmanship. They are made with precision and boast amazing elan.

Designs beyond imagination

Furniture and décor elements are significant to any premise. It is imperative to choose them with utmost agility and vigilance. eBansal Furniture Online Store India exerts to keep pace with the ever-evolving interior and furniture segment. Our team of product curators strives to upgrade our product offerings and include the most trending furniture products online.

At eBansal Furniture Online, you will find an expansive collection of artistic, smart and uber-chic furniture designs and styles.


eBansal Furniture Online Store in India is one of the leading and the best online furniture stores, having experience of more than two decades in the furniture industry. Over the years, we have created a benchmark in the furniture segment with our continuous efforts and strong associations. Our products are strategically priced as per the latest industry standards. Our Solid wood furniture is available online at the most competitive price.

Quality assurance

It is rightly said, “Quality is what customer remembers, price is always secondary” and eBansal Online Furniture Store follows this quote to its best. All our products are quality checked and made from top-notch quality material. Our commitment to the quality and ultimate finesse of our products is matchless.

Convenient Shopping Experience

Enjoy a next-level shopping experience only at eBansal Furniture Online Store India. Our online furniture store is user-friendly and among the best online furniture stores in India. It allows you to smoothly navigate through our products and complete the purchase process. Additionally, being one of the best online furniture stores, we have made sure to blend all the contemporary shopping elements together such as wish listings for a comfortable and hassle-free shopping experience.


Give your abode a personal touch with the custom-made furniture from eBansal Furniture Online Store India. Have a specific requirement? Well! Do not hesitate. Get in touch with our furniture experts now. They will assist you to customize the ideal fit furniture.

Excellent Service

eBansal Furniture is a customer-centric online furniture store. We follow a customer-oriented approach at all times and that is one of the reasons that we are among the best online furniture stores. All our staff and customer care professionals are highly trained to offer an online furniture shopping experience to our customers. For any queries, feedback or suggestion, you can get in touch with our customer care professionals. They are always available at your service.

On-time delivery

Now get your furniture delivered right to your doorstep only by eBansal Furniture Store in India. Being one of the best online furniture stores, we strive to ensure your furniture is timely scheduled. Enjoy fast shipping and flexible payment options only at our trailblazing online furniture store.

Tips for buying wooden furniture online

Every abode is different and so are its interior and furniture needs. One must strike the right combination of style and utility to ensure optimum utilization of space. Moreover, it is imperative to understand the layout setting of the room, interior story, concept and utility value of the furniture. .

Buying online furniture is one of the most intricate tasks. One must be attentive, and follow a strategic approach to avoid any regrets post buying the furniture. eBansal Furniture Store is your ideal partner. We have a creative range of durable and trendy furniture that can elevate the appearance of your premises and fulfil all your expectations.

Here are some tips that can enable you to choose and purchase the best piece of furniture online:

  1. The length and width of the space: One of the basic and most essential aspects that one must consider before purchasing furniture online is the length and width of the room. One must have a good understanding of the layout and existing fixtures. Avoid cluttering your space with hefty furniture. Instead, opt for smart furniture solutions that are compact and space-saving.
  2. Lighting: The placement of lights is significant. One must ensure that there is considerable distance between lights and furniture to ensure your furniture stands out. Avoid keeping furniture too close to the light.
  3. Follow the trend: furniture is an expensive possession. Hence, one must be very careful while making the furniture selection. Studying the current interior trends, the home décor industry will give a tentative idea about what about trending furniture styles and patterns
  4. Quality first: The quality of the furniture is supreme. One must buy sturdy furniture made from superior quality wood. Quality should always be the top-most priority. Read the descriptions given below the furniture products, know the size of the furniture, study the wood properties and then proceed with the buying.
  5. Review and ratings: First-hand reviews and ratings from the customers can help you to make an informed decision w.r.t the best online furniture stores. One must look for a trend in praise, complaints, feedback and suggestions whilst buying a piece of furniture online. A true customer perspective along with actual pictures of the product can facilitate the buying process and allow you to make the right choice.
  6. Check delivery options: Online furniture industry is growing at an enormous speed. The convenience and comfort of the customer is the prime motto of the best online furniture stores. eBansal Furniture Online Store India has a sophisticated delivery system to ensure the furniture is delivered right at the customer’s doorstep. Moreover, our advanced tracking system allows you to keep track of the furniture delivery status.
  7. Price: Price is one of the most dominant factors that can influence your buying decisions. However, it should not be the only criteria while considering a product. eBansal Furniture Store strategically prices its products to provide maximum benefit to its customers. Our furniture products are available at unmatched prices. They are the epitome of beauty and cost-effectiveness too.

Give a comprehensive look to your abode with artistic wood furniture

Wooden Furniture carries a great legacy. It can transform the energy of your space and set its mood. Wood furniture is immortal and timeless. It is classy and attractive. They can make your space shine out and create a style statement.

eBansal Furniture Store in India introduces trendy Home Furniture that is a matchless fusion of style and creativity. Made from superior quality material solid wood and have exceptional finesse. Our wood furniture products are available in an array of sizes, designs, patterns and material options.

Give your space a smart edge with the exclusive furniture from eBansal Furniture Store Online. Browse now!

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