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Why Ebansal furniture's Sheesham Wood Bed Could Be Your Best Investment in 2022

by megha agarwal 03 Nov 2022

The eye-catching and timeless are two words commonly used to describe wooden furniture. Wood is frequently used as the main building material in the design of interiors and furniture needs. Nowadays, wood is seen as a material that can bring nature inside without looking unwelcome in the modern house. Sheesham wood also referred to as Indian Rosewood is one of the most well-known woods that are used to create furniture, specifically bed frames within India. Indian subcontinent.

It's always a challenge to choose the best choice when selecting the best Sheesham wood beds for your furniture, such as the double bed. The styles and designs of each type of wood differ significantly. While longevity and endurance are the main aspects to be taken into consideration in this regard however, there are other elements that impact the selection of a wood type.

In the furniture industry in India as well as around the world, Sheesham wood is the perfect material to make double beds. It's not only one of the most sought-after wood, but also the sheesham bed made of wood is well-known for various reasons.

EBansal is an online furniture and mattress portal is trying to clarify and explain the benefits of making use of Sheesham wood for bed-making , compared to other options on the market.

What exactly is an EBansal Sheesham Bed made?

Magicians do not share their tricks, however, we've decided to share with you the details of the process of making a Sheesham bed of wood at EBansal. These are the steps that follow:

Step 1.

We procure authentic Sheesham wood, also known as Indian rosewood from different regions of the nation, with the most common being Punjab, Haryana, and Rajasthan. The purchased Sheesham planks of wood are dried, a process is known as seasoning. They are then treated to create them warp- and insect-resistant.

Step 2.

The treated and seasoned wooden planks are cut into the required components using techniques like finger-jointing, planning, and so on.

Step 3.

In the final stage, the components go through processes such as polishing, sealing, and sanding to achieve the perfect finish.

Step 4.

Then, the completed parts are put together, go through a quality test and then are packed for send so that you are able to return to a peaceful sleep.

The reason why Sheesham wood is an ideal choice for bedding

Rosewood or Sheesham has come to be synonymous with lavish, luxury furniture. It is a vibrant red hue and an exceptional texture that gives a fresh dimension to the space. Sheesham is traditionally utilized to construct high-end furniture. If you can create beds that can withstand the brunt of wear and wear and tear is what you're looking for, then Sheesham is the best option. Sheesham is a subject of strict rules of trade, so make sure the wood you purchase is of the highest quality and is sourced responsibly and environmentally sustainable. At EBansal our raw materials are procured ethically and in a way that guarantees there's no environmental harm.

1. Stability

We offer Sheesham Wood bed has a sturdy wood mattress. This increases the amount of support given to your body as you lie down. The strength of a mattress is also a crucial factor in allowing the mattress performs its task and a sturdy mattress ensures the Orthopaedic mattress gives your body the comfort and support it promises.

2. Durability

With our Sheesham wooden bed, you can be sure that your bed will last for years. This is the reason why wood beds last for generations! This is the reason Wakefit offers a manufacturer's guarantee of three years for the Sheesham bed made of wood.

3. Simple maintenance

We hope that our Sheesham wood bed gives you the most supportive and excellent comfort, however, it's going to ask for very little from you in return. Maintaining the wood bed requires cleaning it with a dry cloth to sweep it clean every now and again. Yes, that's it!

Make sure you do not use harsh solutions or scrub the wood bed as it could ruin the polish and this, it will affect improve the overall quality of the bed.

4. Aesthetic

The grain patterns that are present on the Sheesham wood bed gives it the most stunning appearance, which makes it an elegant piece and the focal point of any bedroom. This is also true for all furniture made of sheesham wood.

Maintaining a good care of SHEESHAM FURNITURE WOOD

Sheesham is well-known for its toughness and resistance to mites and strength. However, you need to take certain steps to maintain the Sheesham furnishings in great shape to ensure that they last for longer. Here is the list of actions that should be implemented:

  • Have your Sheesham furniture regularly polished to keep its shine aesthetics, appearance, and appeal.
  • Clean your Sheesham wood bed or other furniture often to avoid dirt from building up on it.
  • To avoid scrapes or scratches to any of the Sheesham furniture, you must apply a soft shield prior to putting any sharp objects or decorations on it.
  • Use heatproof mats or coasters prior to placing hot objects on them to avoid leaving marks on the wood surfaces of furniture.
  • Furniture made of Sheesham should not be stored under direct sunlight or placed in close proximity to fireplaces.
  • Sheesham should not be exposed to extreme temperatures.

When you realize the benefits that Sheesham hardwood has to provide, you'll never think of other furniture styles. Sheesham wood is flexible but sturdy, allowing the use of it in the construction of any design that is custom-designed. If you want to build an individual piece of furniture for the home of yours, Sheesham should be your preference of wood. EBansal has a wide selection of solidly constructed Sheesham furniture pieces online made from top-quality raw materials and hardware which provides a strong feeling. The furniture is smooth and has straight-cut shapes that complement the aesthetics of your space. Sheesham furniture is a perfect match for your decor. Interior designers frequently recommend Sheesham furniture due to the unique characteristics.

Summing Up 

The lustrous appearance of furniture made of Sheesham wood its resistance to fire, and decay as well as termites, durability, flexibility, and a myriad of high-end qualities, has been the most popular preference of furniture users in India. When you have experienced the advantages that come with Sheesham wood, you will realize that other woods no longer is an option. There is an extensive selection of Sheesham wood furniture on EBansal Online. Our contemporary Sheesham furniture made of wood double bed is certainly the best you can get.

The rosewood hardwood designs are typically sleek, with straight-cut designs that work well with any style. Sheesham furniture seamlessly blends in with the style of your home decor.

It's the perfect time to stop worrying about which kind of wood to select for your furniture and purchase some of the finest Sheesham furniture made from wood. We at EBansal provide you with the very best Sheesham wood furniture with all its beauty and elegance so that your investment can be the one you cherish for the rest of your life.

If you're looking for a Sheesham wooden king-size bed with storage or that isn't, or either a queen or dimension Sheesham wood bed at EBansal, it's your ultimate place to buy a Sheesham bed.


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