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Why Sheesham Wood Bed is best for home?

by stargk techno 02 Jun 2022

Furniture for Home Decor

The home interior decor is a reflection of your choice and lifestyle. Furniture holds the pedestal of your interior and the type of wood lays the cornerstone of your furniture.

Among the varieties of wood available in the market to craft the furniture, the three most popular and preferred ones are Softwood, Hardwood and Engineering wood. The Sheesham wood is known to be the best wood for home and office furniture and so is the Sheesham Wood Bed for bedrooms.

Among the multiple reasons that advocate Sheesham Wood Bed is best for home, we have highlighted the most common in this write-up. Here we go…

Sheesham Wood bed by ebansal furniture


Sheesham Wood offers Durability and Delicacy

When we talk about the furniture for our home or bedroom, we wish to ensure beauty, functionality and durability. Durability comes with high-quality & that comes with Sheesham wood. We call it Indian Rosewood as well and it is the most popular wood used for the production of various types of furniture.

Along with durability and longevity, the Sheesham wood ensures the aesthetics with the

premium natural texture which is a result of its rich grain pattern. 


Sheesham wood for Custom-built Beds

Today, demand for customised furniture items is higher than ever before. Sheesham bed designs are available in various shades and can be crafted out into desired shapes and sizes which allows an easy & complete transformation of your living area or bedroom in a tailor-made style.

While we are looking for a good investment in furniture for our bedroom, the Sheesham wood bed is something we can’t afford to miss.

While Sheesham offers Elegance

A simple Sheesham wood bed with storage spaces may serve you a dual purpose, a storage beautiful design with a plain natural colour that adds elegance to your bedroom.

It offers Luxury too

If you wish to go for a slightly royal taste, an upholstered inclined backrest makes a perfect Sheesham bed design for you. You can choose an upholstered Sheesham bed design as per your wish.

Sheesham Wood bed design 

Sheesham Bed Wood is a luxury product without any huge investment. 

Who does not love luxury??

Imagine if that comes at a price not heavy to pay!

The Indian rosewood or a Sheesham wood is one of the most luxurious raw materials that offer the finest finish with polish. When we are considering bedroom furniture, the Sheesham bed design is one of the most luxurious options.

Also, Sheesham wood is reasonable with zero maintenance cost. It is termite resistant wood that withstands extreme climatic conditions. So, it is the best wood to offer the best furniture pieces that you can ever have at your home or office. 

Sheesham Wood Furniture for Bedroom

When it’s about furniture for the bedroom, considering the Sheesham wood ones is most feasible concerning both - economy and style.

Whether it is a Sheesham wood coffee table or a Sheesham Wood bed, you will find an array of amazing designs in the latest Sheesham wood beds and other furniture in India, which you would have dreamt of for your home.

Sheesham wood bed with storage

The original natural texture of the wood makes Sheesham Wood Beds look more royal and exquisite against any interior décor. You may choose among different polishes available to offer the look that you wish for. For storage space, a Sheesham wood bed can be designed in a way featuring a side drawer and a front trolley. 

Whether you wish to go for the headboard having a natural wood look or want to have an upholstered attachment for added comfort, the Sheesham Wood Bed enhance the distinctiveness of your bedroom.

Most living room and bedroom furniture design ideas go well with Sheesham wood. If you’re looking for affordable, durable and fashionable furniture for your bedroom, the Sheesham wood bed is the best choice. 

Looking forward to buying Sheesham Wood Beds with Storage?

One needs to be very sagacious while buying the bed or any other furniture for the home or office. For instance, while buying the Sheesham wood bed, you must always choose the finish carefully.

The lighter natural finish goes best for areas with enough light. If you need more storage solutions for your room, you must go for the Sheesham wood bed with storage. For an easy-to-lift storage solution, you may go for the Sheesham wood hydraulic bed. 

Depending on your taste and preference, you can choose the best available in the market.

Similarly, while browsing online furniture stores, one needs to be a pre-procrastinator and choose from the best online furniture stores like eBansal Furniture Online Store.

Buy from the Best Furniture Online Store

To buy Sheesham Wood beds online, you must first witness an astonishing collection of aesthetically appealing wooden furniture for home and office offered by eBansal Furniture.

The collection includes bedroom furniture designs, living room furniture, study room furniture and cabinet which exemplifies the ideals of the latest trends and minimalism. In addition, excellent after-sale service, free assembly and tailor-made furniture are some of the other specialities of eBansal Furniture. 

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