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Modern TV Cabinet Designs for Living Room

by stargk techno 05 Jul 2022

TV cabinets are one of those entertainment units which can completely transform the decor of any space in a budget-friendly style. They are available in many styles and finishings to choose the best for your space. However, when we are looking forward to transforming the interior with this decor furniture, clean lines, sleek contemporary designs and uncluttered structure are ruling the roost at the moment. 

To be precise, the following is a curated list of Modern TV cabinet designs for living rooms from eBansal Furniture. 

Whether you love a contemporary TV cabinet with a vibrant finish or a rustic unit, you will get the best in trend on our list. Some of them inevitably catch your fancy while others may ignite the decor spirit & fire your imagination. Here, we go.

Space-effective Floating TV Cabinet Design

Floating Tv Cabinet Designs are one of the most preferred modern TV cabinet designs today. These TV units create an illusion of more space and keep the floor clean & vacant for a decluttered look. Such TV units look great in spacious living rooms as well as small rooms. 

Modern TV Cabinet Designs for Living Room

Generally, a floating TV stand is wall-mounted for the best floating effect which may be the best with the floor models available in the market. 

Floating TV Cabinet Design is a highly practical entertainment unit and ultra-modern TV cabinet design for the living room as it comes with an array of amazing features such as hidden storage, LED lighting, shelves and cable management. 

Monochrome Coloured Modern TV Cabinet Design 

Looking for a unique TV cabinet? Check out a monochrome-coloured Modern TV Cabinet that hides all your clutter and infuses a crafty decor with a heavy monochrome design that signifies modern art. This TV cabinet design effortlessly binds a minimalist theme and is sure to seize the attention of tonnes!

Compact TV Unit Designs for Living Room

Compact TV unit designs always look neat and clean with hidden storage. 

If you wish to avoid the bulky furniture that often occupies floor space, then this modern TV cabinet design is you. To add an interesting element, you can choose cabinets, LED illuminated shelves, and black-lacquered glass. You can use the drawers to keep every mess out of sight.

 Modern TV Cabinet Designs for Living Room

Due to the compact design, such a floating TV cabinet design consumes minimum space, however, accentuates the space very neatly and smartly. Its uncluttered design makes it ideal for small spaces.

Sleek TV Unit Design with wooden TV panel

This is a great pick, especially for Space-Constrained Rooms. The wooden TV panel design offers texture to the space while providing a sleek look.

If contemporary and sleek is your kind of style, the minimal back-painted Sleek TV Unit Design is for you. 

Sleek TV Unit Design let you effortlessly keep your living room simple and sleek with its urban design that is well-suited for every space from a downtown bachelor pad to a high-end high rise. 

Wooden Laminated TV Cabinet Designs for Living Room

Wooden Laminated TV Unit Designs are modern and classy units that are sure to be showstoppers. With this minimal entertainment unit, you can offer an effortless & exceptional decor to your space and beige your favourite TV serials in the style.

 Modern TV Cabinet Designs for Living Room

Sleek and glamorous, Wooden laminated modern TV unit design carries all the elements to spruce up the decor of the living room furniture. With this, you can say hello to sleek & minimal styles and offer a good by to the messy bunch of curling cords. 

Beige your shows in a stylish way. 

Symmetrical TV Cabinet in Black and White

A combo of open white space with a sophisticated vibe of black adds style to the decor. Such TV cabinet designs when coming with an infusion of open and closed shelves showcase innate symmetry and a classy look.

A classy splash of black makes this TV cabinet design pop go off with a bang against the backdrop of white walls. This modern design is inherently ultra-modern with clean lines and a compact structure.

Floating TV Cabinet Designs for Living Rooms that are space-constraint

The floating TV cabinets look unique and go really well with massive bare walls. With a conspicuously absent base unit, the wall-mounted TV cabinet design with floating shelves around it is a great pick, especially when the space is scarce.

Looking for something refined and space-saving?

It makes for a perfect addition to your soft-toned modern living room. 

Wish to level up the glam quotient with modern TV unit designs for the living room?

With ample storage and awesome design craved out of high-quality terminate-resistant wood by the experts of eBansal Furniture, these modern TV cabinet designs in wooden are going to be your all-time favourite, you will love them. 

eBansal Furniture - One stop-destination for Modern TV Cabinet Designs

eBansal Furniture is one of the leading furniture online store in india  for unique furniture and TV cabinets in masterly designs. The curated collection of modern TV cabinet designs, coffee tables, kitchen cabinets and upholstered case goods are expertly crafted using termite-resistant wood and natural materials by the experts of eBansal Furniture.

With a focus on high quality and exceptional craftsmanship, eBansal furniture tailors a wide range of furniture that let you decorate your space in your style and create a dream home.


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