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Solid Sheesham Wood Amer Bed With Box Storage

  • Product is proudly made in India with solid wood.
  • We provide lifetime warranty for termite resistance.
  • Shipping is free all India (pin code check not required)
  • In king size the mattress area is w 72" x l 78" (inches), in queen size the mattress area is w 60" x l 78" (inches)
  • This product requires assembly.

Care & Instructions for Furniture:

  • You get a supreme quality finish and polish and regular wiping with a soft, clean cloth will keep the product fresh and clean. If there is any spillage, you can wipe
      clean with plain water. However, you need to keep your product away from direct exposure to sunlight.
    • In addition, to go for a daily maintenance, it is advised not to use too hot utensils on the wooden items.
    • Coasters can be used well.
    • You can enjoy a safe and hygienic delivery experience by sitting at home.
  • Care & Instructions for Mattress:

  • A professional cleaning is the best way to keep your mattress fresh and free of dust, allergens, and spills.
  • To remove any build-up of dust, dirt, and allergens wash the mattress cover if it can be removed and washable .
  • Don’t stand on the border of the mattress. This can damage the mattress and shorten its life.
  • Keep your mattress away from moist air and water as water can damage the mattress and make it more difficult to clean.
  • When moving your mattress, be careful not to damage the fabric. Always lift it from the corners and never drag it across the floor.
  • Don't pull the thread out; instead, trim the ends off with scissors so they'll be easier to sew together.
  • To prevent sagging and lumpiness rotate the mattress every few months to evenly distribute its weight.
  • Don’t allow pets on the mattress. Pets can carry dirt, dust, and other allergens on their fur that can transfer to your mattress.
  • Don't use anything except a flat surface when storing your mattress. And don't fold or bend it! It might damage its construction.
  • Warranty for Furniture

  • Lifetime warranty against termites and one-year warranty against manufacturing defect, for the fabric and the leather, there is no specific warranty, Please check the care instructions accordingly.
  • Intentional damage caused to the product and also for natural wear and tear and for those items that break in transit or are fragile in nature, are not covered within the warranty.
  • If there is any alteration, modification or change made to the purchased product, the company does not ensure any warranty.
  • Warranty for Mattress

  • Ebansal is committed to ensuring premium quality products for our customers. In the rare case you receive a defective or damaged product, please reach out to us at and we will attend to your query within two business days.
  • Delivery:

    1. We're excited to help you with a hassle-free delivery. Free delivery is only applicable for the first two attempts to deliver at your shipping address. If you miss this delivery, an extra visiting charge will be applicable for the third attempt.
    2. In absence of a service lift, our delivery partner shall only make a delivery to the ground floor of your apartment. Extra charges applicable per floor on delivery to the customer’s floor (on request) in such cases.
    3. Your product(s) will be held for 10 days at the nearest delivery hub if you’ve failed to receive the delivery. After this, we reserve the right to either change or cancel the order.

    Depending on the delivery condition, your product may or may not require installation assistance upon delivery. However, don't worry, we've got you covered!
    If The Delivery Condition Is:
    1) Pre-assembled – no installation is required. The product comes fully-assembled and ready to use.
    2) Expert Assembly – expert assistance is required, for which Ebansal will provide carpenter to carry out proper installation and assembly at nominal charges INR 1000–1500, payable directly to the service professional after assembly. The service person will visit you for assembly within 72 hours after you let us know that you require assembly service.
    3) Basic assembly/DIY – the product requires minimal installation/assembly, which can be carried out by the customer using simple tools and assembly instructions provided. No expert assistance required. So, there you have it! No matter what the delivery condition is, we will make sure your product is properly installed and assembled so that you can enjoy it to the fullest!


    • The accessories shown in the image are just to give you an idea of the setup. They're not part of the product, unless specified.
    • For solid wood furniture, the wood grain might vary slightly from product to product.
    • The intricate design or hand-painted finish might have a small variation between the 3D picture and the actual product.
    • Depending on your screen settings and resolutions, the fabric colour and wood finish might look slightly different on the website than the actual product.
    There are different return policies that you can avail :

  • We will accept the process of cancellation with the deduction of 2.5% for the payment gateway processing fee on your paid amount if you want to cancel the order
      before it gets shipped.
  • Once the item gets shipped, if you want to cancel it, then that will not be taken under our cancellation policy
  • you can surely get the benefit of easy and fast return policies from us. Once a product reaches your doorstep, if you find that there is any defect, you can always
      contact our customer care cell. We will assess the damage and get back to you as soon as possible.
  • Terms and Conditions for Furniture:

    For any questions or clarifications relating to the product, feel free to contact our Customer Support on (+91) 8079096996.

    • Know Your Product:Furniture products with intricate hand-painted details are created by skilled craftsmen, following the footsteps of several generations of accomplished artisans. Each piece of furniture is unique, and there may be slight differences between the pictured product and the actual product.
    • Placing An Order: Before buying, please check the dimensions of your entrance/door to your premise, so that there is no problem in getting the product inside at the time of delivery. In such a situation, we will not be able to accept return or cancellation requests. Certain items require no assembly and can be used as-is. For this, please check the item details. Wherever we assist with assembly, the carpenter visits will be scheduled.
    • For Returns:If you would like to return your item, please ensure that it is in its original condition and properly packed. We look forward to seeing you again soon!
    • Damages: Ebansal takes great pride in ensuring every product is delivered to our customers in perfect condition. However, we understand that occasionally damages and defects can occur. If you have received a damaged or defective product, please contact our customer care team at so we can assess the issue and provide a solution. If the product is deemed to be broken, we will arrange for a return or replacement, or take any other corrective measure as deemed appropriate by Ebansal. Thank you for choosing Ebansal!

    FAQ's for Furniture:

    What materials are used to make the furniture?

    The primary material used to manufacture the product is solid wood. In addition to this, other secondary materials such as MDF and Plywood might also be used in the manufacturing process.

    How do I clean my wooden furniture?

    The regular dusting and cleaning of stains and spills with soft cotton cloth is the only process required to maintain the quality of wooden furniture.

    How do I choose a finish color for your solid wood furniture?

    Pick the wood finish color according to the style of your interiors. For instance, if your space is neutral, then try to complement it with the dark color finish such as walnut and vice versa.

    Which fabric is upholstery on furniture available from ebansal?

    We offer a wide range of upholstery material options, including velvet, cotton, linen, and many more.

    What is the major difference between hardwood and softwood furniture?

    The main distinction between hardwood and softwood furniture is the type of wood used. Hardwood furniture is typically made from denser, stronger woods like oak, while softwood furniture is usually crafted from lighter woods like pine. This difference in material results in a few key variations between the two types of furniture. Hardwood furniture is generally more expensive and more durable, while softwood furniture is more affordable and typically not as long-lasting.

    FAQ's for Mattress:

    What is the Best Mattress?

    The best mattress for you depends on how much sleep you get each night. Choosing a good mattress requires reading product reviews, comparing features online, and talking with a salesperson at a store so they know what works best for your needs.

    What are the best mattresses for back pain?

    Mattresses made from memory foam provide comfort and support while reducing pressure points. Memory foam cushions allow the body to sink into them, making it easier to sleep well and feel rested during the morning.

    What are the best mattresses for side sleepers?

    The best mattress for side sleepers is probably one with several layers of foam, followed by a layer of memory foam, then either latex or viscoelastic foam, and finally a comfort layer made from high density polyurethane foam. All these different types of foams provide support and pressure relief. If you're looking for something really comfortable and supportive, go for a firmness level of 8+.

    What mattress type is most comfortable?

    The best mattresses are ones that conform to your body shape, such as memory foam mattresses. They do not hurt when you lie down, they breathe well during sleep, and they provide consistent support throughout the night. Also, they are easy to clean, durable, and hypoallergenic.

    What are the best mattresses for hot sleepers?

    The best mattress for hot sleepers is one that is well ventilated and has thick layers to absorb heat. A good option would be a Tempurpedic Ghost bed, which provides ventilation via open cell foam and memory foam layers.

    How can you make your mattress last longer?

    The best way to extend the life of your mattress is to maintain proper storage conditions. Keep it away from direct sunlight, moisture, dust mites, and pets. Change the sheets at least once a year, and vacuum regularly to keep dust out of the bedding. Try one of these tips for keeping your mattress in shape.

    Does sleeping on a spring mattress cause back pain?

    Yes, Sleeping on a spring mattress causes back pain due to pressure points in the spine caused by the mattress. The best way to sleep comfortably on a spring mattress is to use a pillow between your knees.To prevent back pain from mattresses, try using memory foam instead. Memory foam cushions put less pressure on your body.

    Behind the Furniture

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    Benefits of choosing solid wood furniture

    Wood furniture has been a mainstay in family homes for generations. For many centuries, wood has been the preferred material for furniture. They are beautiful, durable, renewable, recyclable and carbon-efficient....
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